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Monday to Friday $3200

Includes: Boat facility and activities

Air-conditioner , cooler box , washroom , showers , poker , dice , life buoy , a small amount of life jacket (adult) , a small amount of life jacket (child) , standing canoe , floating strap , basic fishing equipment and a small amount of snorkeling tools.

(二)Speedboat activity $2300

Wake board , banana boat , sightseeing and explore national geopark in Sai Kung.

(三)Inflatible activities $500 each

Inflatable slides, Inflatable trampoline , Inflatable hot wheels and Inflatable water seesaw.

Max no.:42 people
Time:Around 9 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Pick up location: Sai Kung Pier

Destination: Jin Island / Bluff Island / Kau Sai Chau / Basalt Island

Saturday                   + $2100

Sundday and Holidays + $3300

The above price includes 30 people. Extra $150 is charged for each person. The maximum number is 42 people

If you  wish to have a boat to connect beach and yacht, addional $600 is charged. It is free of charges if you choose our set B , C or D. (details)